The Chocolate Shake

After a long life spent caring for and about her family, my mother has left us. It happened early Sunday morning, at the home she and Dad had shared for close to 50 years (of their 70 year marriage).

My sister and I sat with Dad and we talked about Mother, and about the decisions that had become necessary. We didn’t decide anything, really, just recognized some of the details that now needed attention. Meetings, paperwork, phone calls, all that was for later on. That morning we just sat together.
Mother was 90, and the last time I saw her was a little over a week ago. We stopped by on the way to Atlanta to visit our daughter and brought her a chocolate shake (her favorite) and I played a few songs on my dulcimer for her. In retrospect, I am so very glad that we made that stop on our way out of town.

A chocolate shake and a little music. Not a bad way to say goodbye, even though I didn’t know that’s what I was doing.