The second book on my podcast, House Mountain Views, is being released this morning. A narrative in four parts, it follows an anonymous teenager as he moves from rage and mistrust to the beginnings of self-awareness. “Journey” is structured on one version of the Native American Medicine Wheel and uses realistic language, making it unsuitable for young children. Click on the “Listen to my Podcast” page for links.

Boone Series

Boone is a teenager on the fringes of society, without money, looks, education, family, or a group in the community he can turn to when he needs to grieve or celebrate. He’s stumbling toward adulthood and making a lot more mistakes than most, and the tribe he assembles around himself is an unusual group to say the least. I think of Boone as a kind of Everyman; there is a lot about him that seems different than most of us, but in some of the most important ways, he is very much like all of us.

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