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Supporting the Arts

I believe in the power of art, and that it is worth our support. Artists see things the rest of us miss, say things that we sometimes didn’t even know needed to be said, and shine much needed light into some pretty dark places.… Continue Reading “Supporting the Arts”


For the last year, the prospect of contracting COVID-19 scared me. I stayed at home, masked up, ate in, sanitized, used curbside grocery shopping, modified holidays until they were almost unrecognizable, and generally hunkered down to ride it out. I got used to the… Continue Reading “Reentry”

Careful What You Wish For

Frankie brought a mole to our front door the other day. More specifically, she brought what John Cleese would call an “ex-mole.” She had spent time playing with her catch, throwing it in the air and snatching it back off the ground before it… Continue Reading “Careful What You Wish For”

Three Rules

On Looking, by Alexandra Horowitz, is an excellent work of non-fiction with a premise that intrigued me from the first time I heard about it.  Ms. Horowitz has written previously about dogs and how their sense of the world differs from ours, and On… Continue Reading “Three Rules”

Ritual and Renewal

On my morning walk today at the community center, I saw a man and his son next to the ball field with a puppy on a leash. The boy and his puppy went into the fenced-in ball field to play and were soon running… Continue Reading “Ritual and Renewal”

Following Rules

As the owner of a 10 month old 60 pound puppy with inexhaustible energy, a daily walk of a couple of miles or so is an act of self-preservation. There are a couple of walking trails close to the house, and we alternate between… Continue Reading “Following Rules”

Frankie and Lao Tzu

It’s an interesting mix, exploring the Tao Te Ching and training/being trained by a new puppy at the same time. After several dogless years, I started scanning the websites of the area animal shelters. I was looking for a medium size dog and beyond… Continue Reading “Frankie and Lao Tzu”

Reflections on Tao Te Ching

A daily exercise, reading and reacting to several translations of randomly selected verses from the Tao. Starting on January 1, 2021. I’ll be adding a verse each day to this post until March 22, give or take. 4 Tao. In one translation, Hogan says… Continue Reading “Reflections on Tao Te Ching”


It’s not zero-sum. It never has been. The notion that there must be a winner and a loser is applicable in sporting events and other contests, which have strict rules and time limits and operate on the premise that the result will provide a… Continue Reading “Zero-Sum”


I’ve been puzzling over the political madness sweeping the country, and I think part of what is driving this intensity of emotion and defense of position is that there is something inside us, each of us, that longs to be a part of a… Continue Reading “Tribes”