Star: Be tranquil like the rain of spring.

Hogan: If you stay calm, the world will sort itself out around you.

Staying calm is a rare and precious skill in any circumstance, and especially so in difficult times, when the cacophony of voices around us are insisting that we do the opposite. I have read that we are hard-wired to pay more attention to signals that indicate danger than those which indicate the lack of danger. If true, knowing that about people impacts news programs, magazine editorial content, political campaigns, deciding which verses to use as the basis for next Sunday’s sermon, and so on. Telling us we must not remain calm is good sales technique, but believing it is a poor approach to long-term health, whether physical, mental, or spiritual.

Mitchell: The Master allows things to happen. She steps out of the way and lets the Tao speak for itself.

The fact that Mitchell translates the Master as female in this verse is refreshing, to say the least.

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