Star:  We recognize beauty because there is ugliness, virtue because of sin.

Things exist together; difficult and easy, high and low, life and death. Seeing that the existence of one depends on the existence of its opposite runs counter to wishful thinking of all types, and means, among other things, that as long as there are kind people there will also be unkind, as long as there are privileged there will be those without privilege, and so on. Terms that assign value exist only and always because their opposite also exists. I think one thing we can understand from this is that we don’t give in order to achieve a certain end or receive something in return; rather, we give because we have something available to us that we can give. Later, we will be in a position to receive. We experience joy knowing that sorrow will certainly come to us, and experience sorrow knowing that joy is its companion and will show up in due course. Whatever we are experiencing, it won’t last.

Gia-Fu Feng:  Creating, yet not possessing. Working, yet not taking credit. Work is done, then forgotten.

Do the job, and move on to the next one. Let the thing that is leaving, leave. A skill I’m still trying to master.

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