TV, Radio, and a Personal Appearance

I don’t quite know what to make of all this; for an introvert it’s exciting and scary all at the same time. In any case, it’s a busy time for me coming up, and I wanted to let everyone know:

Tuesday, Oct 29, 3 – 4 PM, WATE  — The Living East Tennessee show will have a feature on the National Authors Day celebration coming up later in the week, and I’ll be one of the guests. This assumes, of course, that one of any number of strange and unpredictable events on either the national or world stage doesn’t preempt the show. Stay tuned.

Friday, Nov 1, 5:20 PM, Union Ave Books, downtown Knoxville, National Authors Day — I’ll be talking about, reading from, and signing copies of my book “Pushing Back” along with the other seven featured authors. Presentations start at 10:30 AM and last most of the day. 

Sunday, Nov 17, 8:35 AM, WUOT — Jody Sims hosts the weekly Authors Page, talking about authors who have a connection to the state of Tennessee. Nov 17th is my turn.

One of the perks of being a featured author in the local National Authors Day celebration is that I get shelf space at Union Avenue Books for “Pushing Back,” the novel that got me into all this. After all, the holidays are approaching, and some people (including my wife Suzanne) have started shopping for gifts. If you’re interested, I’m sure you can request the other two books in the series, “Matching Scars” and “Keeping Secrets” if you want to own the complete set.

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A career working with teenagers on the fringes of society has made me both sensitive to and appreciative of the complexities of character and the struggles, inner and outer, that we all wrestle with in one form or another. My writing emphasizes character development over action, and, as a lifelong Southerner, the rhythms and cadence of the Southeastern United States influence both my spoken and written voice.

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