Turn About

I’m still working on demolishing the lower deck, and today I loaded up yet another trailer full of old lumber, bristling with nails, screws, joist supports, and other deadly things.IMG_1107 When I got to the dump the space in front of the only bin that took construction materials was occupied by a man and his son with a large trailer full of paneling, old windows, and miscellaneous junk from a shed they were cleaning out.

After I pulled in behind them, I got out and offered to help them unload and the three of us emptied his trailer. He and his son got in their truck and pulled away, just far enough to let me pull in, and came back to help me.

So it took about the same amount of time for me to unload my trailer that it would have taken if I had stayed in my car, and I got to handle some new, unfamiliar trash instead of the same old stuff. It was also another opportunity for me to test my theory that most people are decent, and, as far as I could tell, the man and his son never considered leaving me to unload by myself. That makes this another good day so far; I’ll take every confirmation of that theory I can find.

Cast your bread on the waters, folks; it’s worth taking the chance.

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A career working with teenagers on the fringes of society has made me both sensitive to and appreciative of the complexities of character and the struggles, inner and outer, that we all wrestle with in one form or another. My writing emphasizes character development over action, and, as a lifelong Southerner, the rhythms and cadence of the Southeastern United States influence both my spoken and written voice.

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