Avi at Christmas

My daughter and her family, including our newest grandchild, are in for the Christmas holidays, and I had the opportunity to introduce Avi to the hammered dulcimer. He seemed to like O’Carolan tunes, at least the ones I could play with one hand. Avi was adrift in that borderland between awake and asleep: 

Version 2


A child’s ability to completely relax into the present is a marvelous thing, and one of the many things we lose as we get older. We do meditation, yoga, tai chi, self-talk, and any number of other things to regain what we all had once. Grandchildren remind me of so many things that are important, and now and then, just for a moment, I’m better off because of that awareness.

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A career working with teenagers on the fringes of society has made me both sensitive to and appreciative of the complexities of character and the struggles, inner and outer, that we all wrestle with in one form or another. My writing emphasizes character development over action, and, as a lifelong Southerner, the rhythms and cadence of the Southeastern United States influence both my spoken and written voice.

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